Why I love Kombucha and how to make it?

Lets talk about kombucha’s characteristic first:

Kombucha, or else known as ” tea fungus” is an ancient drink and therapeutic product that comes from Asia. It was particularly prized for centuries as an elixir of youth and protection against yeast infections.

It is a naturally symbiotic living organism consisting from various bacteria alongside with yeasts and algae . Many chemical reactions take place during oxidation and fermentation of sweetened tea, creating health-promoting substances.

So, why I love Kombucha and how to make it?

Kombucha is absorbing sugar  in the process and in exchange releasing the solution of various valuable substances.  Such as glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, K and C, L-lactic acid, (+) acid, oxalic acid, alcohol (0.5% -1%), carbon dioxide, iron, potassium, calcium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc, yeast etc.

There is also presence of lactic acid bacteria.   This is appreciated especially by people who are on the diary free diet.

Appearance of the drink depends on type of the tea you used and length of fermentation, ranging from gentle honey flavor (green tea) to reddish shades (rosehip tea). The taste of kombucha tea is affected by the use of water quality, the quantity of sugar, the room temperature and length of fermentation.

If you follow the instruction properly your kombucha tea should have a bitter-sweet taste and drink would be lightly carbonated (due to the presence of CO2 generated in the production).

Taste of the drink can influence the extension of the period of fermentation, because if kombucha culture consume most of the sugar, the drink will be more acidic. Plainly you can say that you will never get the exact same taste.

KOMBUCHA – Effectskombucha

The beneficial traits of kombucha

-strengthens the immune system
-acting as natural antibiotic
-it cleanses the body from harmful substances (heavy metals, nicotine, alcohol …)
-aids digestion and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora
-strengthens the liver and kidneys
-improves physical performance
-regenerates the nervous system and reduces physical strain
-helps stabilize blood sugar
-lowers blood cholesterol levels
-It has anti-allergic effects
-aids in blood pressure regulation and the regulation of menstruation
-has anti-cancer , hemorrhoids, calcification of veins, rheumatism, arthritis, arthritis, thrombosis, sclerosis multiplex, skin diseases, fungi  properties

Adverse effects of kombucha

At the beginning when using kombucha, it may occur heartburn or bowel problems – diarrhea. These are the consequences of purification of the body. These difficulties can be alleviated by higher intake of other fluids, drinking less kombucha or drinking kombucha drink during the meal only. After a short time, these difficulties should disappear.

KOMBUCHA – Recommended dose

The recommended dose for medical problems is about 16 oz of kombucha daily (morning as a fasting drink 5 oz, afternoon and evening before or after a meal 5 oz).
Preventive dose is about 7 oz per day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can drink kombucha after consulting a doctor, because it contains caffeine.  For children it is suitable to drink kombucha tea made from rose hip  since it does not contain caffeine. The daily dose for children is half.
After three weeks of usage it is recommended to skip a week and continue again at three week intervals. It is important that you follow the break pattern as your body can quickly adapt to aid of kombucha which might weaken  its positive effects.
Kombucha is  widely available in supermarkets and in health food stores. Many, however, prefer to make their kombucha at home.

KOMBUCHA -how to make it at homekombucha

What we need:

kombucha culture
kombucha tea infusion (1 cup)
up to 1 gallon of water
3 oz of  loose tea or 10 small bags of tea
9 oz of sugar
Spoon, pot and strainer
breathable fabric (cotton or linen napkin)
1 gallon glass bottle

Please observe maximum hygiene and do not use metal tools!

Method of preparation:

The water in the pot (enamel) bring to the boil and let it simmer for few minutes. Put it aside.
Pour  the tea (loose black soak for 15 minutes; green soak for 5-10 minutes)
The finished tea Pour through a sieve into the prepared bottles.
Add the sugar, stir until dissolved and allowed to cool to body temperature.
Than pour in some of the kombucha already bought drink and put kombucha Culture, “the mother or scoby” (smooth side up)
Cover  the bottle with breathable fabric or napkin and secure with a rubber band.
Let it ferment  in the warm place without direct sunlight, cigarette smoke and fumes from the kitchen. Don’t move it around in the process.
Let it fermented for 8-10 days at room temperature of about 77 ° F.

On Day 8, you can taste the drink through a straw. Kombucha beverage properly fermented  should have a sweet-sour taste and delicate yeastiness.

The finished drink we pour through a funnel with filter into the prepared bottles, preferably a glass. Make sure you store in the fridge. We keep about 1 cup of old fermented beverage for next batch and repeat the process.

My tip

You can experiment and make different flavors of kombucha. Just add  strawberries, mango, ginger, lemon,  mint or coconut for the fermentation process. The list goes on. By drinking it regularly you will supply your gut with very healthy bacteria which will promote over all well being.

Please leave a comment below on how are you liking your kombucha beverage or your own special recipe. Namaste!

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