What is benefit of Yoga and Meditation

Maybe you thinking of trying some yoga or meditation. You probably wonder why are so many people practicing yoga these days?  What is benefit of Yoga and meditation?

Yoga and meditation goes hand in hand. Yoga originated in India. Five thousand years ago yoga practitioners were sitting cross-legged  in lotus position with closed eyes. They were turning their attention inwards, connecting with their inner self. That was the core of yoga practice, simple meditation.

As we evolved  and our lives got busier we need more active approach to get calmer and relaxed. We need something more substantial. Simple sitting pose will not do the trick. Yoga practice as we know it today involves sequence of certain poses, each  pose is hold for few breaths.

As we breathe and hold the pose our mind will focus on the breath. That will keep us away from constant thinking.  We will feel more in the present moment, crating some thoughtless gaps. For some people this is already a meditative state. We can close our eyes and tune inward away from the outside world which will bring certain degree of relaxation. Do you see how these two practices are interconnected?

Our breath prana (energy) when used properly will bring more oxygen to every cell of our body.
As a result it will create more energy, joy, peace and act as natural mood enhancer. We will feel rejuvenated.

Yoga and meditation will have positive physical affects on our body as well.meditate

These physical benefits are:
* Lower high blood pressure
* Reduced anxiety
* Decreased tension headache
* Helps cure insomnia and joint problems
* Improves the immune system

* Oxygen alkalizes our inner  ph environment and keeps it healthy. This will get us higher skin resistance, slows down aging, reduces free radicals and cell damaging.

Our mental health will improve and stabilize.

We will feel more creative, intuitive and happy. Our heart will start  lead the way. Instantly we will know what to do if deciding on the tough task. Clarity will be present as we will be tune in with our feelings. Daily circumstances will be looking smaller and we will handle task with sharpness and inner balance. We will be feeling more peaceful and evoking a harmony. Our positive energy will attract people to be in our company.

To achieve all these great benefits we should be practicing Yoga and meditation regularly. We have to cultivate and nourish it to reap the full benefits. It is a complete lifestyle change as it require determination and consistency. To learn How to meditate in 5 easy steps, read here.


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