The health benefits of eating raw Ginger

Ginger is known for centuries and it is used for its healing properties. Respectively for the main substances such as gingerol (pungent substance), antimicrobial agents, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

In China and India ginger has been on the list of the medicines used over 4,700 years ago. This root is part of turmeric and cardamom family which very few of us would guessed.

So, what are the health benefits of eating raw ginger? 

Lets look at some factual numbers firs:

Nutritional value – Ginger (100g)

KJ – 85 kcal – 20.7


Proteins – 1.8 g

Carbohydrates – 1.9 g

Fat – 0.3 g

Dietary fiber – 2.1 grams

Calcium 115 mg

Magnesium 40 mg
Potassium 410 mg

Phosphorus 35 mg
Iron 0.5 mg

Selenium 40 microg
Zinc 0.4 mg

Ginger contains the following vitamins (100g)

Vitamin B9 12mg

Vitamin E   0.2 mg
Vitamin C     6 mg


The healing effect of ginger are following:

*Flu, runny nose, sore throat – due to its content of vitamins and other important nutrients ginger is the perfect assistant for influenza, colds, tonsillitis and fever.  Although you can buy ginger tea at the pharmacy, the strength of domestic tea is instant.

*Coronary heart disease – ginger dilates blood vessels, dilutes the blood and thus promotes blood flow throughout the body. It prevents from excessive blood coagulation and formation of blood clots. It is also helpful if you have  cold hands or feet. Relaxes blood vessels and warming the whole body.

 * Immunity  system – all vitamins, essential oils and antibiotic substances increase and support immune system to be able to vindicate, against various diseases.

*Digestive system –  ginger positively affects the stomach and intestines. It supports regular bowl movement, aid against constipation. It also helps with diarrhea, which effectively removes the virus from the intestinal system.

*Detoxifies the body – it increases the activity of the liver that helps to purify the body from toxins. It also has antiseptic and antibiotic substances in the body so if there are any “parasites” certainly ginger will help remove them.

*Respiratory system  – ginger helps to release mucus from the airways, It also helps with flu or other lung inflammation.

*Cancer and  growth of cancer cells – ginger is powerful antioxidant contains valuable substances that effectively slow down and stop the growth of cancer cells. It depends  of course on the individual, the intensity of the immune system and disease stage.

* Weight Loss – Ginger is also helpful in weight loss. It is not any wonder that you will be able to eat cakes, pastries and fried meals, while still loosing weight.  Thanks to its strong content of active substances.


Best Ways to Use Ginger

There are many  ways you can use ginger to benefit for your health. The most common forms of ginger include:

Raw Ginger

You can add  slices of raw ginger into a smoothie or vegetable juice. Just blend it with you favorite veggies. As a result your juice will have more zesty.

Ginger tea

We need: 1 inch of grated ginger (root), 8 oz of water, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice
Preparation of ginger tea: grated ginger, pour boiling water. Let it steep for about 15 minutes. Add lemon juice and honey after cooling properly.



Ginger with honey and apple

We need 4 apples, 1 oz of ginger, 1 tbsp honey.

Wash apples and ginger and grate on a grater, than  add the honey. Mix it together.  Put the mixture in the fridge and use 2 tbsp every day . Prepared amount will last you about 7 days.


What to say at the end? Ginger is not only affordable but we can get it in almost any store. So why not help your health. If you do not have health problems than ginger is an excellent prevention. After all, to brew a cup of ginger tea is not so difficult. If you want ginger in bio quality, you can grow it yourself, click here.

Let us know if yo like our post below or if you have any other good recommendation for using the raw ginger. Namaste!

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