Shoulder stand – Yoga pose of the Kings

shoulder standShoulder stand (Sarvangasana)  was called in ancient times yoga pose of the kings.

If you have time to do only one pose a day, than you should pick Shoulder stand. This yoga pose has excellent benefits for the body and overall health. I love to do this pose in the morning , helps me wake up and get my energy flowing.


Health Benefits of the Shoulder stand:

Resistance to colds and flu, fights fatigue, cold feet and hands,  prevents nervous exhaustion,  controls excessive anger, lowers high blood pressure, helps clarify unclear thinking and supports learning.

The blood from the body is shifted to the heart when  practicing a pose.  Head and neck are rinsed with fresh blood flow that supplies nutrition to thyroid, tonsils, midbrain and neck.

Practice  of Shoulder stand pose for 15 minutes  equals to  2 hours  of sleep. You will get up from the pose  fully restored and refreshed.

When  we are in Shoulder Stand  all vital forces unite in  the heart center. These etheric forces are generally depleted by our unsound life behaviors which fragment the nervous system. Our passions  can cause depletion as well.  We  bring our attention inward to the heart as the center pole of  inner peace when we are engaged in this asana.

The head is down and lies on the ground, resting. Head becomes observer and thinker, while legs are in balanced line constantly overcoming the power of gravity, trying to stay upwards.

Exercise does not work very curative directly to diseases or heart problems but it affect primarily deeper areas of abdomen and metabolic processes. This position harmonizes and softens our will. It leads to a more quieter mind. This will also lead to higher focus, orderly  flow and processes of the abdomen.

These vital inner processes will bring relief to heart and nerves  which will become  generally more strengthen.

Going within, which is achieved by standing on the shoulders, provides comprehensive health effects.  Implementation of this practice will help with our meditation, relief nervousness and restless.

Asana stimulates respiration,  relaxes heart and increases concentration. It also improves blood circulation and delays aging. It promotes mental development.

mala beads

 The effects of  body upside down:

The blood gets to the heart from the legs and abdominal organs. It lightens the gravity of its activity. Heart calms down. This position removes venous blood deposition in the legs that causes varicose veins and also in the abdominal organs. In contrast, the increased blood circulation in brain removes vascular spasms that cause frequent headaches.  It returns elasticity to the blood vessels throughout the body.
It reverses the action of gravity on the body and  brings revival and regeneration. It also balances the action of cosmic  and earth forces  and tunes  in the whole body. Helps get rid of bad habits and the accepted patterns of thought and behavior.

The thyroid gland and the lungs are revived by increased blood flow, and thus refined. Shoulder stand  soothes and strengthens the thyroid gland which promotes proper regulation and perception of time.


Start practicing shoulder stand on daily basis and you will  soon feel more strength  as a result. As you become more confident  in the pose you can close your eyes and breathe deeply. This will help you restore your inner peace very quickly.

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