How to MEDITATE for Beginners in 5 simple Steps!

Life can be at the times quite stressful, your breath is short, you cannot concentrated and you feel tired. Follow our below mentioned steps and learn ‘How to meditate for beginners’.

Meditation can help you become more peaceful, focused and less worried, tense.

The most importantly, it will help you to understand your own mind. You will become aware of what’s going on inside.


How to meditate for beginners:


I highly recommend to get a habit of daily practice. It requires a discipline and commitment of sitting in quite place for certain amount of time and focusing on your breath.


1/ Start to Meditate for few minutes every day. Let’s say 5 minutes. Its seems short, but most likely you will have difficulty to focus even for 2 minutes at the beginning. Once you feel comfortable with spending few minutes in quietness you can slowly add time up to 30 minutes total.


2/ Do your meditation at the same time each day. The best would be right after you wake up, as you don’t have that many inputs in your mind and it would be more easier to concentrate.

3/ Dedicate a certain place to your daily yoga ritual.
Somewhere where you feel serene and at ease. It can be in the bedroom on the chair facing the outside or sitting on the floor on the pillow supporting yourself. Make it sacred for yourself, put a nice plant in front of you or a motivation picture, a statue, candle anything inspiring which distinguishes your space.

4/ Close your eyes and start breathing deeply.
Turn your attention to your breath. Try intentionally spill your belly as you inhale and tuck your belly button towards the spine as you slowly exhale. Make your exhales longer then inhales.


5/ Your mind will wander. When you notice your mind wandering, gently return to your breath. This is an ongoing process and your mind will try to stir away to think of something. Don’t try to stop thinking about it rather let it pass and get back to the breath.

More you meditate and spend time with yourself more you will get to know yourself by observing your mind. You will be able to understand your feelings and better utilize them into your advantage. To read more about benefits of yoga and meditation, read here.

You will be in CHARGE.

Please Leave comment below. Namaste!

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