Finding the Inner Peace – Is it impossible?

I as many others started to think about the life more in depth as I realized every time I felt I have everything under control life took another turn. This uncertainty of unexpected life changes made me worried, anxious and uneasy. I  started to wander, is it possible to find the inner peace?

I am sure we all asked this question not once in our life. It makes you think how to ride this thing called LIFE. Then you go through faces when you feel that life doesn’t make any sense, life is not fair and you start to live in constant flight or fight mode.

You keep pushing this feeling back and try tell yourself that it is ok to feel that way and that you cannot control what is happening outside of yourself. We accept that we live in the crazy busy world, think little of how this is affecting us in the long run and that there are other ways of going through the life.

amazing-736885_1280You probably heard people talking about the yoga practice, breathing techniques and meditations somehow – somewhere, but you barely have time to go to dentist not to search for right yoga studio and learn all about it.
Finally you hit the bottom and realize that you HAVE to adjust your priorities. You simply know that you have to change your lifestyle and put a breaks on spin of the daily routine because you can no longer function or enjoy your life.


There are many techniques on finding an inner peace. You will most likely try at least few of them before you find what really works for you.


This is your guide in search of finding the inner peace.

You should ask yourself what is the prime reason and why are you searching to gain the inner peace. What is really bothering you. ARE you looking to feel more relaxed and not to be burden constantly by tricks of your mind? In this case regular yoga practice will be very helpful. Routine will bring structure to your life. Structure means organization. With good organization you will feel more peaceful as you will have your daily task under control.

We need to find a way to stop a flow of thoughts coming to our mind and control us. Modern yoga teaches us that through the different postures accompanied with  the breath we are able cease the thought process and enjoy simple pleasure of being present. This will give us a break from constant chaos of our mind. No more jumping from one thought to another, having a ongoing dialogue with our Ego about different subjects.balance-15712_1920

Lets look at these other techniques:

ॐ  If you are having a hard time to forgive somebody and have a lot of anger or hateful feelings inside of you, Forgiveness meditation practice would be excellent to implement in your life. There is so much pain which we are carrying through life from different  experiences. We have many unresolved feelings buried deep down which we are not even aware of. Release of old pains and hurts will make space for new experiences and memories. This will be our new self, new life!

ॐ  Lastly Self-Acceptance meditation is excellent technique to help  you move forward with your life.  This will put us in touch more with our true  self, our own nature of who we really are and what is important to our soul. Outside world is pressing us to be and act in certain way. We might not fit to the society chart but we try to settle for cookie cutter pattern which we think will make us feel more self-worthy. Know that your uniqueness expressed right way will make your heart shine and will create lasting happiness and abundance.


My tip

Practicing yoga and meditation regularly  can bring you enormous emotional and physical benefits. Doesn’t matter if you choose to practice yoga or meditation only. Both ha interconnected if practiced right and have very similar subtle benefits. You will truly get in touch with your soul purpose. Being able to express yourself fully and openly will bring you harmony, ever lasting inner peace and happiness! Learn How to meditate in 5 easy steps,here.  Are you curious What is Benefit of yoga and meditation, click here.

Please leave a comment below and share your experience on the path to  the inner peace. Namaste!

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