Can you loose weight with Yoga?


Achieving harmony between body, soul and mind is the main mission of yoga. More and more people are choosing yoga and are trying to find inner balance, to better manage stress, get rid of back pain and weakened or shortened muscles.

 So, can you loose weight with Yoga?yoga- weight- loss

Let’s look at some more basic information about weight loss as this is not one line answer. There are few factors which plays important role in loosing weight.

Basics of a Successful Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Then it is essential  that you modify your complete lifestyle. Mainly that means that your energy intake must be lower than energy spent though out the day. This is very important role in weight reduction diet. Some even claim that 70 percent of success is hidden in a proper diet, rest is in physical activity.

What we cannot forget is necessary intake of fluids and  a good rest. We should be drinking at least 66 oz of fluids a day while on weight loss diet, combining it with good 8 hours sleep.

The movement and weight loss

Now we know that physical activity helps to reduce weight. It is generally recommended to reduce the weight by cardiovascular activity in moderate intensity. What that means in practice  is 60-70 per cent of the maximum heart rate. With this heart rate we are definitely effectively  burning our fat zones. Now we know moving  is important if we are trying to  reduce  weight, maybe a couple pounds.  For significant loss of fat we need to implement regular and more dynamic training alongside with adjustment of energy intake.

Physical activity is important in the treatment of obesity. This is also true as primary prevention of obesity. Regular physical activity is regulated by individual metabolic profile, leading to loss of fat, improve metabolism in muscle mass and muscle growth.

Does Yoga help loose weight?

There is no clear answer on this question, since there are many styles of yoga. If we talk about yoga exercises in general most yoga styles does not increase your  heart rate enough to start to burn a fat. Yoga is more suitable for shaping problematic areas of the body, promoting health and getting psychological well-being, that is, by the way, when you lose weight really important.

Thus, if one wants to practice yoga while trying to lose weight,  it is recommended to combine your yoga practice with some cardio activity  like jogging, running, swimming or cycling. It is preferable to have an activity of aerobic character, but you can achieve weight loss also with dynamic strength exercises.

Finally, dynamic styles of yoga  is very helpful and beneficial in burning fat  and total weight reduction program. Of course, it must be adapted to the individual characteristics of the person.

My tip

weight loss

Are you looking to loose some pounds  and you don’t want to give up your yoga practice? Choose more dynamic type of yoga  such as power, hot or asthanga. Always implement and  combine with  weight reduction healthy diet plan. Don’t forget to drink enough fluids and allow your body to have a good night rest.


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