Growing your own ginger at home

Ginger is used as elixir of life  for centuries, so why not to grow it at home when it’s so easy. First of all use organic ginger to start with. Non-organic ginger may have been treated with a growth inhibitor.

Growing your own ginger at home

So, how to grow your own Ginger?  You can most likely buy ginger in almost any store. Unfortunately most of the stores are selling ginger only as dry root. If you want to grow ginger at home, you can buy fresh ginger root that has already a small sprouts.

If you cannot find a sprouted ginger, buy fresh  organic ginger root and for a few weeks  place it in a cool, dark place. Best place is pantry or cellar, but closet will do as well.

After 2-3 weeks root will start sprouting. It will start to have little green eyes at the the end. Cut these sprouts off with about i inch of ginger and plant them into the pot (sprouts facing up).  Each sprout needs about 8 inch of space. Use  good potting substrate or soil, to make sure ginger has enough fuel to grow!

 growing ginger-sprouts

How to take care of it in the process?

Make sure the shoots are completely covered. Pot with ginger shoots keep in sunny and warm place, be careful not to place it into direct harsh sunlight to prevent from “heat stroke”.

Keep soil constantly moist but not wet! The upper part of the plant (above the ground part) can grow up to 60-80 cm. After a few months the plant begins to dry.

Once it start drying, it means that ginger root is by now mature. Take the plant from the soil, utilize some part of the root for your daily use and with rest repeat the reproduction process.


Finally, check out out article about health benefits of eating raw ginger. I hope you going to try it out yourself and let me know how you did. If you have any questions  oil need help please feel free to email or comment below.

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