How to buy Yoga Equipment


Once you are ready to give a try and join Yoga studio you should know how to buy your yoga equipment. You will need to choose your mat, right clothes and if you are beginner  at yoga props might be very helpful.


Yoga is and ancient physical and spiritual practice originated in India. In last years yoga has large community of followers in western civilization. Yoga is a great way to get fit, flexible, lean and to find the inner peace and happiness.

Here is How to buy Yoga equipment:

Yoga mat
When choosing the yoga mat the most important thing is to consider the material which it is made of.  Yoga mats are  made of various materials and have different thickness and lengths.

Most of the mats are made from PVC or rubber. This material supports your grip. Big selection of mats are coated with polyurethane material which  enhances the grip during  certain type of yoga classes, when you sweat a lot.


I prefer natural mats made of Jute or  and organic or recycled materials which are much more comfortable especially in seated positions. You can find my favorite mat here.

A standard yoga mat is about 1/8 inch thick. The thicker yoga mat is the more you will spend.Travel yoga mats are much more slimmer, a mere 1/16-inch thick. These mats are light,  a great option when traveling.

The thickest yoga mat  you have more comfortable you will be. However if the mat that is too thick it will be harder for your balance poses. These days you can choose mat thick up to 1/4 inch.

A good quality mat will make your practice enjoyable and is essential to support your practice for years. When buying  a mat choose one with a decent amount of cushion and one that you have enough grip to feel sturdy and balanced.

Props – blocks, straps
Yoga  straps and blocks, are  very good for beginners. These props provide additional support during poses, helping improve your alignment and flexibility.

yoga-propsYoga towels are great option if you practice hot yoga and sweat a lot as it prevents from sliding.

Yoga clothes

yoga-clothing-bestWhen choosing a yoga clothes pick some breathable materials. Cotton is very good  option. Choose loose enough outfit to  move freely into  poses.

Your top should be  more fitting, So if you bend into the pose  your shirt will slide up.   Certain yoga sportswear  sell tops with built in bras  which provide additional support.

A pair of leggings shorter or longer are common for regular practice. Clothes which are stretchy are the best  to wear as those will allow you enough flexibility with  certain poses.

To sum it up, when deciding  how to buy yoga equipment it is important to make sure you will be comfortable in your clothes and on the mat as both gives you necessary support while practicing yoga.


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