Welcome to Your Inner Peace!

I would like to dedicate ‘YogasPeace’ to all Seekers of Inner Peace and Happiness!

Mmonika & olliey name is Monika and this my hubby Ollie.  I have been on journey to inner peace for about 20 years. As others I have been questioning the life circumstances and  searching for answers on how to reach everlasting inner peace. I read many books and visited few different visionaries to ask for future advise. I even tried to practice Law of Attraction but nothing seems to work.

Then I explored different types of yoga and meditation.  I slowly  felt that something is shifting. I never lasted with any of my hobbies for a long time. The moment I got the hang of it I lost interest. But this time it just felt very different. I could feel that I can be finally myself. I start to getting know myself again little by little till my heart finally and fully opened! Since than( about 1o years ago) yoga is part of my life, forever. I get a deep satisfaction spiritually every time I am part of the yoga practice at studio, home or out in the beautiful nature.

These Days…

More and more people are struggling to enjoy  life as is. Instead we are following society prefabricated structures  and forgot about our unique soul purpose.

We can see  no longer importance of being healthy and loved as the essence of YOUR INNER  PEACE and HAPPINESS. Instead we keep chasing all the wrong things,  prestige job, better car, bigger house and  to stay looking 30-ish. We are all essentially made and wired to be happy and we  have full potential and capacity of reaching it.

your-inner-peace There are many  ways how to break  out of the this fake bubble which we created around ourselves. To find a strength to live according to our own soul desires  and not what other expect from us!

I invite YOU to participate if you have a  story or want  to share on how you got your  inner peace and happiness BACK, please contact us at namaste@yogaspeace.com for details.


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